MUST eat and drink in Lima guide

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MUST eat and drink in Lima guide

You finally made it to Peru and you are learning Spanish abroad. Congrats! But what to eat and drink once you are here? What shouldn’t you miss? What are these foods made of? Don’t worry we got it covered for you in this quick-reference guide to the most popular and iconic foods and drinks we recommend trying while you learn Spanish in Peru:


  • Ceviche: The most iconic dish from Peru. It’s made of fresh raw fish or seafood cooked in citrus juices and spiced with aji. Mixed with fresh onions and other herbs.
    ✔️ ,We recommend: Chez Wong – Enrique León García 114, La Victoria
  • Lomo Saltado: Stir-fried marinated strips of sirloin, onions, tomaptoes and other herbs. Served with french fries and rice.
    ✔️ ,We recommend: Tanta – Inside Larcomar mall, Miraflores
  • Ají de Gallina: Thin strips of chicken mixed with a creamy yellow sauce made of ají, cheese, milk, bread, walnuts, and spices.
    ✔️ ,We recommend: El Bodegón: Calle Tarapacá 197, Miraflores
  • Anticuchos: By far the most beloved street food in Peru that made its way up to the finest restaurants in Lima. They are made of marinated beef heart skewered and seared over the grill.
    ✔️ ,We recommend: ,Tío Mario: Right next to “Puente de los suspiros” in Barranco.
  • Causa: Smashed Andean potatoes mixed with aji and layered with seasoned meat (chicken, octopus, tuna, or shrimp) and vegetables.
    ✔️ We recommend: Panchita – Calle 2 de Mayo 298, Miraflores
  • Tacu Tacu: Rice and beans mixed together and pan fried into a slightly crunchy cake. Often served with lomo saltado on top.
    ✔️ We recommend: Al toque Pez – Avenida Angamos 886, Surquillo.
  • Pastel de choclo: Baked peruvian-corn bread pudding with a middle layer of spiced ground beef, onions, and vegetables.
    ✔️ We recommend: El Bodegón – Calle Tarapacá 197, Miraflores.
  • Seco de Cordero: The most beloved and popular dish from the north of Peru, it’s slow-cooked lamb stew in reduced cilantro sauce served with seasoned white beans and white rice.
    ✔️,We recommend: ,Isolina – Avenida San Martin 101, Barranco.
  • Pollo a la Brasa: Peruvians most beloved comfort food. The Peruvian-style roast chicken is usually served with fries, roasted potatoes, rice, and/or salad.
    ✔️ ,We recommend: ,,Belisario – Avenida Benavides 529, Miraflores.
    ✔️ ,We recommend: ,,Pardo’s Chicken – Inside Larcomar shopping mall, Miraflores.
  • Papa Rellena: Large, deep-fried mashed potato dumpling stuffed with spiced beef, onions, and vegetables. Usually served with finely chopped onions marinated in lemon and other spices.
    ✔️, We recommend: ,,Antigua Taberna Queirolo – Avenida San Martin 1090, Pueblo Libre.
  • Tiradito: Fresh raw fish cut sashimi style, cooked in citrus juices pand pusually covered in a lightly creamy, slightly spicy sauce.
    ✔️ ,We recommend: El Verídico de Fidel – Calle Colón 246, Miraflores
  • Choritos a la Chalaca: Mussels, corn, onions, tomatoes, herbs, and seasoned citrus juice served on a mussel shell.
    ✔️ ,We recommend: Punto Azul – Calle San Martin 595, Miraflores
  • Arroz con Mariscos: Peruvian-style seafood paella.
    ✔️ ,We recommend: Huáscar Combate Peruano – Luís Varela y Orbegoso 275, Surquillo
  • Escabeche: Pan fried fillets of fish with chopped onions and yellow peppers, all in a reduced sweet and sour red aji pepper sauce.
    ✔️ ,We recommend: Al toque Pez – Avenida Angamos 886, Surquillo.
  • Pan con chicharrón: Sandwich stuffed with braised and fried slices of pork, sweet potatoes, fresh chopped onions, and herbs.
    ✔️ We recommend: Sanguchería El Chinito – Calle Grimaldo del Solar 113, Miraflores.


  • Pisco Sour: The national drink of Peru is a fresh, sweet, and sour drink usually paired with Ceviche.
    ✔️ We recommend: Gran Hotel Bolivar – Plaza San Martín, Historic downtown of Lima.
  • Algarrobina: A silky, creamy, and sweet cocktail based of pisco and algarrobina, a thick syrup -similar to molasses-, that is extracted from the algarrobo tree.
    ✔️ We recommend: El Bodegón – Calle Tarapacá 197, Miraflores.
  • Macerado de Pisco: Fruit infused Pisco (usually using exotic fruits and spices from Peru).
    ✔️ We recommend: Ayahuasca – Av San Martin 130, Barranco.
  • Chicha Morada: A fruity, fresh, and comforting dark purple drink made with the famous Peruvian purple corn, cinamon, pineapples, and finished with a squeeze of lemon to balance flavors.
    ✔️ We recommend: Pardos Chicken – Inside Larcomar shopping mall, Miraflores.
  • Inca Kola: The national soda of Peru is known to be the only in the world that locally outsells Coca-Cola. It’s also the favourite drink to be paired with Chifa (Peruvian/Chinese fusion food)


  • Picarones: Smashed sweet potato and squash deep fried in a doughnut shape and served with chancaca syrup (fig & molasses).
    ✔️ We recommend: ,Tío Mario: Right next to “Puente de los suspiros” in Barranco.
  • Mazamorra morada: A traditional purple corn pudding loved by Peruvians. Usually served with a side of rice pudding.
    ✔️ We recommend: Try it at one of street food stands located at Kennedy Park (usually 5-9pm)
  • Suspiro a la Limeña: Golden and silky smooth caramel-like base,crowned with a light and creamy liqueur meringue.
    ✔️ We recommend:
  • Turrón: Layered, anise flavored cookie cake bathed in chancaca syrup, topped with caramels and candies.
    ✔️ We recommend:
  • Tres leches: Vanilla sponge cake soaked in three different kinds of milk: condensed, evaporated, and whipped cream.
    ✔️ We recommend:
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