What to Know Before You Study Spanish Abroad in Peru

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What to Know Before You Study Spanish Abroad in Peru

As you get ready to start your Spanish abroad program and learn Spanish in Peru, we have created a list of things you should know and keep in mind.

1) After you learn Spanish in Peru, you will have one of the clearest accents.

Peruvian Spanish is known for having one of the “purest” dialects in all of Latin America. This is primarily because Peruvian Spanish does not aspirate or eliminate the “S” at the end of syllables, does not use the “vos” verb form, clearly distinguishes between “R” and “L” sounds, and employs both “seseo” and “yeismo” which makes it much easier to listen and make Spanish sounds.

In other words, because Peruvian Spanish is so neutral, learning Spanish in Peru will give you a neutral and professional accent that will be easily understood anywhere you go or work.

2) Don’t be afraid of using your Spanish. Peruvians love that you are trying!

It’s always interesting to meet new people and new cultures, but Peruvians make traveling an especially enjoyable experience. Peruvians are always happy to welcome tourists to their proud nation. With just a basic command of Spanish, you will never lack an opportunity to chat with a local over a cool beer or a freshly squeezed fruit juice (or frog juice, if you’re feeling adventurous).

Understandably, you may feel a little shy to use your Spanish skills with the locals, however, something to keep in mind is that in fact, Peruvians consider it a sign of great respect that you are trying to use your Spanish to communicate with them (yes, even if your Spanish is choppy or basic. They will always listen to you with a huge smile and be extremely patient).

Another thing to consider while you learn Spanish in Peru, is that the more practice you get, the faster you will become fluent, so it’s really important that you take advantage of every opportunity you are given.

3) Peruvians take food VERY seriously (which is good for you!)

Drawing inspiration from dramatic ecological diversity and hundreds of years of influence from Incan, Spanish, West African, Mediterranean, Moroccan, Chinese, and Japanese cultures, Peruvian cuisine is an explosion of wonderful, unique flavors and textures. World Travel Awards (otherwise known as the Oscars of travel) recognized Peru as the World’s Top Culinary Destination from 2012 to 2019 (Yes! that’s 8 years in a row!).

You can find outstanding culinary experiences all the way from tiny street stalls to some of the best ranked restaurants in the world. In fact, mathematically speaking, not other city in the world has as many restaurants on the list of the 50 best restaurants in the world.

Peruvians are very passionate and proud about their culinary legacy, so they will always be more than happy to start great conversations about food, cooking techniques, native ingredients, and the history behind them. Definitely a great way to practice and use your language skills while you learn Spanish abroad in Peru.

4) Spanish teachers in Peru are more qualified than you may think

Did you know that most professional Spanish Language Schools in Peru only employ teachers with a 5 year University degree? (usually with degrees such as linguistics, education, translation, literature, etc.). In case of our Spanish School in Lima, the vast majority of our Spanish teachers also have completed graduate degrees in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language and/or international specialization Masters in teaching as a Spanish Language. To top it off, Peruwayna takes a step further by running training/specialization programs all year round to continue their education and/or certify their team (for instance, all of their teachers are Certified Official Examiners for the DELE international exam and hold official diplomas from the prestigious Instituto Cervantes).

Peruwayna Spanish School
We are a specialized education organization to learn Spanish in Lima-Peru. Our school is the # 1 Spanish school in Peru in terms of professional instruction, 100% of our teachers are professionals in Linguistics and Literature specialized in teaching Spanish.

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