The best ways to learn Spanish

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The best ways to learn Spanish

So you want to learn Spanish? Congratulations! Spanish is a great language to learn, and it’s becoming more and more popular every day. There are many different ways to learn Spanish, but some methods are better than others. In this blog post, we will give you 5 tips for learning Spanish quickly and easily. Follow these tips and you will be speaking Spanish like a pro in no time!


If you want to learn Spanish quickly, affordably, and easily, then the best way you can do it is by getting fully immersed and studying Spanish abroad. There are several advantages that make this the best way you can learn Spanish:

You’ll be able to focus & commit

By taking the time to live abroad, you will be able to fully focus on your Spanish studies and thus have a more comprehensive Spanish program that will allow you to pick up the language in a more efficient and optimal way.

For instance, our Spanish School in Lima offers semi-intensive (10 hours a week), intensive (20 hours a week), and super-intensive programs (30 hours a week), which is clearly a much more intensive way to learn Spanish compared to the usual time you’d invest learning Spanish back home, where most people take 1-3 hours a week.

You’ll use your Spanish daily

By living in a Spanish speaking country, you will be surrounded by native speakers all day and every day, thus, you will have plenty of opportunities to use your Spanish on real day-to-day situations and get better with every chance you’ll have to practice your Spanish with locals (Related to this, discover 11 reasons why you should learn Spanish in Peru)

You’ll save money!

By being in a smaller class, you’ll be getting more dedicated attention from your Spanish teacher and participate more actively in class, therefore you’ll be able to learn Spanish much faster. This is something Spanish schools back home can’t compete with, as their groups most commonly have 10+ people per class.

#2 – LEARN SPANISH LIVE (with an online teacher)

When learning Spanish abroad isn’t an option due to personal or professional commitments, then taking online live lessons with a qualified Spanish teacher would be an ideal option to get the best possible academic guidance and achieve fluency in no time!

One of the best advantages of taking online Spanish lessons is that you’ll be able to fully customize not only your program, but also move at your own speed (either you want to move faster or slower) and learn Spanish from the comfort of your home, without having to waste time and money commuting to a physical school.

Another great thing about taking online classes is that you’ll be able to learn Spanish from anywhere with an internet connection, so if your work or family commitments take you on the road for a few days or weeks, this won’t mean having to put your Spanish studies on hold at all!


Practice is key when learning Spanish. Luckily, there are tons of technological tools you can use nowadays to completement your studies and help you learn Spanish during your free time, practice, or review some topics you are still struggling to fully understand.

From apps to help you improve your pronunciation to websites to help you practice your listening skills, there’s a wide variety of free and affordable tools you can use to learn Spanish anywhere, anytime.

And for those that learn Spanish with Peruwayna, we offer free access to our new Online Campus! The most advanced and complete learning platform in the market of Spanish schools around, to help our students practice, review, and supercharge their learning experience and support our students through their learning journey.


This is one of the best ways to practice your Spanish skills and keep learning during your free time while also having fun, as it combines both audio and visual learning styles. By watching shows with subtitles in Spanish you can learn how to pronounce words correctly, as well as learn new vocabulary from context clues (which are very important if you want to learn Spanish quickly).


Reading helps build vocabulary, familiarize with grammar structures, and learn new phrases that you can use when speaking later on down the road (as well as practice pronunciation). You don’t have to read an entire book, either. Start by reading short stories or articles, and then work your way up to longer books.


The best way to learn any language is by practicing it. And the more you practice, the faster you learn! Once you are familiar with grammar structures and vocabulary, try to find native Spanish speakers that can help you learn by talking or even hanging out together.

If there aren’t many Spanish speaking people around your area, you can always learn Spanish online, or start a conversation on social media or post about your interest in learning Spanish and find others who are also looking for someone to practice the language with. You can also use language exchange websites or apps that connect people from different parts of the world so they can learn each other’s languages.

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