Benefits of learning Spanish in Lima

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Benefits of learning Spanish in Lima

Did you know that Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world? There are many benefits to learning Spanish, and one of the best places to learn Spanish is in Lima, Peru.

Not only is Lima a beautiful and vibrant city, but it’s also . Learning Spanish in Lima will give you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the language and culture, and you’ll be able to practice your Spanish with locals everyday. In this blog post, we’ll discuss some of the benefits of learning Spanish in Lima.

1. High quality of instruction

Lima is home to some of the best Spanish schools around, and with many schools and programs to choose from, you’ll be getting the best value for your money.

Spanish schools such as Peruwayna, have some of the most qualified teachers on the field that are not only very passionate about their work, but also have the best qualifications to offer you top-notch Spanish classes.

2. Neutral accent

By learning Spanish in Lima, you will be learning one of the most neutral Spanish accents out there, which, unlike other Latin American countries, is much easier to understand and learn. Also, by developing a neutral and clear accent, you will be able to use your Spanish in any situation and for any academic or professional purposes without having to worry about being misunderstood or not understood at all!

friendly Peruvian culture

3. Rich culture, history and traditions

From one side, centuries of migration have shaped Peruvian culture into a fascinating melting pot of traditions and ethnicities. From the other side, through decades, Lima’s has been a crossroad for different sub-Peruvian cultures and traditions, as people moved from all over the country to the capital of Peru looking for better life opportunities, which has helped Lima develop a unique and captivating identity that is reflected in its food, music and art.

No matter what your interests are, you’ll be sure to find something that captures your attention in Lima. And by learning Spanish in Peru you will be able to create a special bond with our culture and traditions that you’ll cherish for a lifetime.

4. Affordable cost of living

One of the main benefits of learning Spanish in Lima is that it’s an affordable city to live in. Compared to other major cities around the world, Lima is a bargain when it comes to cost of living. This makes it a great place for students or budget-minded travelers who want to learn Spanish in South America without breaking the bank.

5. Endlessly fascinating city

Another great reason to learn Spanish in Lima is that there’s always something new to see and do, whether you’re interested in food, nightlife, history, culture, or music, you will have endless options that will keep you busy during your stay.

From its fascinating colonial plazas and rich culture, world-class cuisine, to its magical urban landscapes and stunning views of the Pacific Ocean, Lima has something for everyone.

touristic landmark in lima peru
touristic landmark Lima Peru

6. Food capital of South America

Did you know Peru has been awarded the “World’s Top Culinary Destination” title for a whopping 9 years from 2012 to 2021? Peru’s culinary scene it’s worth the trip on its own! And there’s no better place to experience Peruvian food than Lima, which also is known as the food capital of South America.

There’s no other city in the world that has as many restaurants on the list of the best restaurants in the world and South America, and not only that, Lima is also home to many amazing hidden gems that will make you fall in love with Peru’s intense and unique flavors.

7. Friendly and welcoming people

Another advantage about taking Spanish lessons in Lima is that you’ll be surrounded by some of the friendliest and most welcoming people on the planet, which will also be very helpful to practice your Spanish skills outside the classroom and use them at every possible moment. Peru is known for its warm and hospitable culture, so you can be sure to experience the Peruvian hospitality first-hand while you’re here.

8. Easy access to side trips

While studying Spanish in Lima, you’ll have the opportunity to travel anywhere in Peru and South America thanks to its convenient location right in the middle of Peru. For instance, cities such as Cusco, Arequipa, Puno, or Iquitos are just a mere 1 to 1:30 hours away by plane. On top of this, there are several day trip destinations located very close to Lima you can’t miss, such as the stunning dunes of “Huacachina” or the natural reserve of Paracas.

9. Cheap tickets to fly to Lima and away

Lima is one of the cheapest places in South America to fly to, which makes it a great option for learning Spanish abroad on a budget.

Moreover, Lima’s J Chavez International Airport is one of the biggest hubs in South America and has direct flights all over Peru, as well as affordable and regular connections to most major cities in South America once you feel ready to continue your journey.

10. Excellent medical, financial and technological infrastructure

You will feel at ease while staying in Lima knowing that you have everything necessary for your stay. From the best healthcare to high internet speeds, not only is this city an excellent base to explore Peru but it also offers many resources and tools needed by visitors who are planning on staying longer than just a few days!

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