10 things to do in Lima while learning Spanish

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10 things to do in Lima while learning Spanish

Lima, the vibrant capital of Peru, is a melting pot of cultural diversity and historic legacy. From amazing views of the Pacific Ocean to the beautiful colonial monuments of the viceregal capital, Lima has it all. Below, we have narrowed down the top 10 things to do in Lima while learning Spanish, from our local perspective:

Things to do in Lima - Miraflores view
Top things to do in Lima - Peruvian food

1) Explore the hottest food scene in Latin America

In a nutshell, hundreds of years of tradition, colonization, and immigration have shaped Peruvian food into one of the most diverse cuisines in the world. Thousands of years of Inca and pre-Inca traditions and ingredients have simmered over centuries with Mediterranean, Moorish, West African, Chinese, and Japanese influences, giving birth to a new, colorful ”Criollo” cuisine.

From ”huariques” (Peruvian slang for hidden culinary gems) to globally ranked fine dining, Lima is a foodie’s paradise. For more information about what and where to eat and drink, visit these related blog articles: The best restaurants you can’t miss in Lima or Must eat and drink in Lima guide

2) Explore historical and cultural landmarks

Founded by Spanish conquistadors in 1535, Lima quickly grew to become one of the most important cities in the colonial Americas and one of the wealthiest in the world. The Spaniards flaunted their wealth and power with magnificent churches and palaces, but failed to erase both the towering, ancient stone monuments built by the indigenous cultures they tried to subjugate and the unique influences those cultures maintained in colonial architecture.

Be amazed by the bones in the catacombs at the Iglesia y Convento de San Francisco and enjoy the lush flower garden at the Museo Larco. To learn more about historic and cultural places to visit during your trip to Lima, check our related blog article: TOP attractions in Lima you can’t miss

3) Take a Spanish class

Whether you take it for a day, a week, or a month, learning Spanish in Lima will be the best way to immerse yourself in the culture and get a more enriching and unforgettable experience during your trip to Peru. Learning Spanish abroad will also be the most efficient and fastest way for you to learn Spanish, not only because you’ll be spending more time taking Spanish lessons, but also because you will need to use Spanish on a everyday basis as your main tool to communicate, get around, and get things done while living in Lima.

While there are many options to learn Spanish in Peru and South America, Peruwayna offers affordable, high quality Spanish classes, having some of the most qualified and specialized Spanish teachers on the field, smaller group classes, and the most advanced technology in the market to make the most of your Spanish immersion experience in Peru.

4) Enjoy the activities offered through our Spanish School in Lima

Top things to do in Lima - Cooking class in Lima

As part of your Spanish immersion experience in Lima, we offer a variety of unique and carefully selected activities, many of which are only offered at our Spanish School in Lima. Here are a few examples:

  • ”Torito de Pucará” painting classes: Fall in love with the clay-based art of Torito de Pucará. This peculiar character, full of Andean colors and details, is the most representative ceramic of the Pucará culture, which has transcended time by staying alive in modern Peruvian culture.
  • Peruvian “Chicha art” painting classes: Originally used as a graphic style to make posters announcing Chicha concerts, Chicha art has become today the boldest, most distinctive, brightest, and most powerful pop art movement in Peru, bighting up walls throughout the city.
  • Peruvian cocktails classes: You can’t leave Peru without trying the national drink, the ”Pisco Sour”, and, better yet, learning how to make it. This class not only teaches you how to make several traditional Peruvian drinks, but also helps you learn more about traditional Peruvian ingredients and their fascinating histories.
  • Peruvian cooking classes: Peru is a must-see destination for foodies, and learning how to cook traditional Peruvian dishes is a fantastic experience you can’t miss during your trip to Peru. This activity takes approximately 3 hours: you will prepare a classic main course, an appetizer, and a drink, and then sit down to eat your handiwork while sharing your struggles, laughs, and “sobremesa”.

Our students’ friends and family are more than welcome to join our Spanish school activities. If you’ve been checking out our School, but didn’t have enough time to join our Spanish classes in Lima, we’ll be more than happy to save you a spot too. Just send us an email to contact@peruwayna.com or contact us to check our available Spanish School activities during your time in Lima.

Top things to do in Lima - Huacachina sand dunes

5) Take a full day trip to one of the amazing places just outside the city

Make the most of your trip to Lima and visit one of the natural and cultural attractions nearby. Among some of the best we recommend experiencing are:

  • The natural reserve of Paracas and the sand dunes of Huacachina (suggested tour operator: South Pacific Lima).
  • Swim with sea lions by the Palomino Islands (suggested tour operator: Mar adentro Excursiones).
  • River rafting at Lunahuana (suggested tour operator: South Pacific Lima).
  • Traditional “Caballo de paso” horse show at Hacienda Mamacona in Lima’s countryside (Visit the Hacienda Mamacona website).
Top things to do in Lima - Retablo dancing show

6) Attend a folkloric dance spectacular at the Grand National Theater

Take a look at the Grand National Theater calendar to see if the show “Retablo” will be on during your time in Lima. This show is a breakout hit among locals and showcases traditional Peruvian dances performed by the Peruvian National Folkloric Ballet.

The show is full of energy, colors, and fascinating traditions, a unique experience that will make you love Peru more with each step and leap. Tickets are for sale online at Teleticket.com or at most supermarkets in the city (just look for tickets booths that say “Teleticket” or “Tu Entrada”).

7) Take a surfing class

The districts of Miraflores, Barranco, and Chorrillos are surrounded by the amazing scenery of the Costa Verde, a tall, natural cliff formation that beautifully frames the coastline in Lima. This unique setting offers a fantastic view while surfing, which we are sure will be one of the highlights of your trip to Lima. Our partner Eternal Wave Peru offers affordable lessons for beginner and intermediate students, and part of their profits are used for social causes and volunteering programs.

Top things to do in Lima - Miraflores view
Top things to do in Lima - Explore the city

8) Explore Lima on a bike

The municipality of Miraflores (the district where our Spanish School in Lima is located), runs an affordable biking tour program to explore some of the most iconic parts of city in a fun and convenient way. You may purchase or make a reservation for one of their tours at their “Mirabici” counter located at Larcomar mall or by going to their website here.

9) Paragliding in Miraflores (for the adventurous)

The hottest spot for paragliding in Lima is located right in Miraflores for a good reason: paragliding here offers an unbeatable view of the ocean, the Malecón of Miraflores, and the Costa Verde cliffs and nature. Besides surfing, this is one of the most beloved adventurous activities in Lima for both locals and tourists.

10) Shop unique Peruvian goodies

You can’t leave Peru without getting a cozy alpaca sweater first (or a bottle of Pisco to share with your loved ones back home). Peru is the #1 provider of alpaca textiles in the world so it doesn’t come as a surprise that you will be able to find the finest fibers here at very affordable prices. The artisan market “Mercado Indio” in Miraflores (Google maps directions here) is in particular a great place to start with. It congregates hundreds (if not thousands) of artisans that sell every single thing you could think of, from textiles to ceramic vases, handmade rugs, precious metals, and more. Amongst other places we recommend to shop are:

  • Chocomuseo: Which sells local chocolate goods from the Amazon of Peru (and offers unique chocolate making workshops).
  • Kuna Alpaca: Sells high-end/high quality alpaca, Vicuña, and Llama textiles at reasonable prices. The perfect place to find and buy a special gift for yourself or a special person.

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